This is a CD only contains the same 40, very high quality mp3's that are included in the book "The Songs & Stories of Bill & Eli Perras - A Legacy Project. It was crested for the purpose of those who do not want the book but would like to have a way to listen to songs and do not want the book.

Note that even though the songs are in mp3 format, the cd still plays like an ordinary CD that play in any kind of home or automobile CD player.

Here is a list of the 40 songs on the CD:

1) Runnin' “Outta Georgia

2) Think Before You Speak

3) We Are the People

4) Abby & Tinker

5) Cracker Thru-and-Thru

6) Front Page News

7) Flatwoods Auction

8) Tribute to a Friend

9) Willie Green Blues

10) Who Will You Blame

11) Housewife Blues

12) Paid Your Dues

13) Gamble's Ramble

14) I Am the Tribe Called Arawak

15) Happy Jack

16) An Angel Cries

17) Larry

18) Julia Butterfly

19) Mr. Tie Dye

20)The Chicken Catcher

21) Roaring 20's Rag

22) Small Box of Pictures

23) Harry T. Moore

24) Master Teacher

25) An Old Man's Dream

26) Hey NASA!

27) Golden Rule

28) Tuskegee Airmen

29) The Night Wind and Ben

30) Silver River Waltz

31) Dr. Kevorkian Blues

32) Unity Mantra

33) The Real McCoy

34) Sunny Day's

35) The Journey We Must Travel

36) These Florida Songs

37) Nobody's Listenin’

38) The Words to My Songs

39) The Light That Shines on Me

40) Mama's Bank Account